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Identity card of NGOs KHAM Delčevo


The association of citizens NGO “KHAM” from Delchevo is a non-governmental, non-partisan, and non-profit organization, formed by free association of citizens, for realization, protection, and coordination of their interests and beliefs, as well as to perform activities for raising educational level and improving the socioeconomic condition of the marginalized groups, promotion, and development of the civil society and democracy.


NGO “Kham” is a continuation of the Humanitarian and Charitable Association of Roma “Kham” from Delcevo which is founded on 20.03.1999, and in which are includet 150 members mostly Roma and Macedonian nacionality.



The citizens of the Republic of Macedonia are equal, dignified employees, and with entitled right to health and complete inclusion in the educational process and other spheres of the social life.



NGO “KHAM” is a civil organization that through information, education, influence policies and providing services helps Roma and marginalized groups to engage actively and achieve their health rights, to provide better educational level and a better economic position.


Long-term goals

  1. Exercising ofhumanrightsand respect forthe principleof non-discrimination
    2. Overcoming negative narratives of the Roma people as workers and improving their competitiveness in the labor market
    3. Increasing the regular attendance and improving the low acievements of Roma students in the educational process
    4. Consistent implementation of health rights and the application of preventive health programs within the Roma community
    5. Inclusion of Roma in current important social events at local and national level

Short-term goals

  • Promoting human rights and protection against discrimination on grounds of ethnicity and racial profiling through an increased level of awareness of the Roma community and marginalized groups for the basic human rights
    • Exercising the right to housing of the marginalized groups with an emphasis on Roma
    • Increasing the employability and employment of Roma and improving their competitiveness in the labor market by overcoming the negative narratives and promoting positive models of Roma workers
    • Increased inclusion of Roma children in pre-school education and increasing attendance, and improving the achievements of Roma students in primary and secondary education by raising awareness of parents about the importance of education to their children
    • Promotion of Roma history and culture
    • Implementation of preventive health programs by overcoming barriers the first health exercise and changing negative narratives about the Roma population
    • Including and informing Roma and marginalized groups with an emphasis on youth in the creation of  local and national level policies.


Name of the project Name of the project
Computer cursses 2000 Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC)
Campaign “ DOSTA E'' (2001) Foundation Open Society Macedonia(FOSIM)
With Democration against violence (2001/2) Institute for sustainable communities ISC
Strenghtening the organizational capacities 2002 USA Embassy in Macedonia
Program “Applied Education for Young Roma” (2001-2005) Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC)
“The Voice of the Citizens” (2002) Foundation Open Society Macedonia(FOSIM)
Sewing courses (2002-2005) USAID
8.       Summer Camp (2003-2004) Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC)
9.       “Programme for poor communities” (2003-2004) Institute for sustainable communities ISC
10.    “Talented Young Roma” completed (2004) Ministry for culture Macedonia
11.    “Capacity Building and Decentralization” 2004 World bank -Skopje office
12.    “Say Macedonia” (2004) FOSIM,OHO,MCIC
13.    “Vocational Training for Unemployed Roma Women” (2005) Community Development Program (USAID)
14.    “Improving Education for Young Roma (POR)” (2005) MCIC
15.    “Free legal aid, legal culture and socialization” (2005-2012) Lawyers Chamber of Macedonia
16.    The prevention of trafficking completed in 2006. Open gate
17.    “The reintegration of the expatriates” finished (2006) The International Organization for Migration (IOM)
18.    Civic Counseling Center (2006) FOSM
19.    Electronic connection of the NGO Sector from the Bregalnica region (2006) E-Macedonia
20.    Roma in action against HIV / AIDS ended in 2006 HOPS
21.    “The place and role of Roma in the process of decentralization”, completed in 2006 FOSM
22.    „ Access to Public Information “(2006) FOSM
23.    „ Equal educational opportunities for Roma children”completed (2007-2009) Netherlands Embassy
24.    „ The role of the NGO sector in Eastern Macedonia “ended in 2007 Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC)
25.    „”Inclusion of Roma children in public kindergartens” (2006-2016) Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of the Republic of Macedonia
26.    „”Institutional development HDZR – Kham” completed in 2007 Center in institutionalized Development (CIRA )
27.    „ Presenting the results, “completed in 2007 Macedonian Institute for Media
28.    ,,Prevention of illegal trafficking of people from, to and through Bulgaria and Macedonia” completed (2007-2009) European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR)
29.    Roma women deserves more opportunities “(2008-2009) Roma Law Program (RPP) Budapest
30.    „Healthy Roma- Active citizens” (completed 2008) FOSM
31.    Annual program of the NGO,, Kham “(2011-2013) Civica Mobilits/CIRa
32.    “Providing free legal advice to Roma communies from Roma paralegals” (2011-2012) Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women / FOSM
33.    “ Immunization of Roma “2011-2012 Open Society Institute (OSI)
34.    -„ Good start” (2012-2014) Roma Education Fund (REF)
35.    Monitoring of community-Immunization of Roma “from 2012 to 2015 Open Society Institute (OSI)
36.    Career pathway- enhancing recruitment of ethnic minority women from the Eastern Region- 1“ 2012-2013 год. Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation
37.    “The right of health protection- establishing paralegal assistance in the Roma community,” 2012-2015 Foundation Open Society
38.    Career pathway-enhancing recruitment of ethnic minority women from the Eastern Region -2 “from 2014 to 2015 years. Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation
39.    “Coalition of Roma NGOs to combat discrimination against Roma in Macedonia at the border crossing” (2015) Foundation Open Society -Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma
40.    Increasing employment of Roma women Macedonian Enterprise Development Foundation
41.    Changing negative narratives against Roma in health care institutions FOOM -2015
42.    Social accountability and legal empowerment of the Roma community (in progress) FOOM -2015
43.    Institutional development and organizational strengthening (in progress)(2015-2018) Program-CIVICA Mobilitas-Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
44.    Tutoriship for Roma students in primary education in Macedonia in partnership with RRC 2015-2017 REF
45.    Activities through education 2016 OSF
46.    “Public and political participation of Roma women” 2015-2017 EIDHR
47.    „Combating barriers for exit: Macedonian Roma at the borders Duration: 2015-2016 with collaboration with EPI
48.    “Improving the Roma employability by education and training” 2015-2017 with collaboration with REF
2015-2017 with collaboration with REF
49.    “Increasing the participation of Roma women on labor market” Funded by the Ministry of Finance within EU IPA ( Component for development of human resources), in partnership with Macedonian enterprise development foundation, HCAR “Mesecina” Gostivar and microcredit foundation “Horizonts”
50.    Monitoring and reporting about the violation of Roma rights 2016 German embassy in collaboration with Helsinki Comitee
51.    Inclusion od Roma children in preschool education 2015-2016 Ministry of Labour and Social Policy
52.    My vote my choise 2016 OSI RIO
53. Establishment of legal prevalence of AIDS in the Republic of Macedonia – Mobile Gynecological Clinic 2016-2017 HERA
54.    Changing the negative narratives Roma against by health professionals -1, 2 and 3 OSI – FOOM
55.    Legal and financial support for NGO KHAM 2017-2018 FOSM
56.    Strategy and Action Plans for Gender Equality in the Municipalities of Delchevo, Berovo and Pehchevo 2018-2019 Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation
57.    New chance for us (Preparaion of programme for Social Activation for Adult education 2019-2022 Erazmus + Startegic partnership K2 +
58.    58. Access to justice for marginalized groups of communities in the municipalities of Delchevo, Berovo, Pehchevo and Makedonska Kamenica Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation и Маргини
59.    59. Stand strong for gender equality Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation
60.    DigiUp (Developing digital competence of Roma children) Erazmus +KA226 Partnership for Digital Education Readiness

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